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By guest, Feb 29 2016 09:55PM

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Feb 13 2018 09:07PM by Denise Goodwin (Holt)

Just wanted to drop a word to say that the young man who picks up our can at 4050 Trinity Rd goes out of his way to do a nice job and goes out of his way to help me.He goes beyond his responsibility and I would like to thank him.

Feb 22 2019 02:26PM by Jim Kendall

Thanks to our awesome Franklin waste removal folks! Despite the torrential rain, they removed the trash, recycling, and a pile of my tree �� clippings.
I know they must have been soaked to the bone but still provided their usual excellent service!

May 24 2020 05:39PM by Barry Kanuch

Will there be a curb side pick up tomorrow on Memorial Day?

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